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About Sean Weafer

Sean is a high performance and influence coach to senior leaders and an international conference speaker – specialising in building rapid trust, influencing clients and key stakeholders, creating a strong personal brand and projecting executive presence for co-creative leadership and business development.

He was an engineer by profession, with a strong background in speaking and presenting, networking, business development and leadership communications. He is certified in analytical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP and was a Founder Member of the Association for Coaching in the UK. He is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute in the UK and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK & Ireland – and a recipient of that association’s Professional Speaking Award of Excellence (PSAE).

Sean believes is that it’s not enough to lead with just Reflexive Masculine command and control hierarchal models and values anymore – now we must also learn to use more Reflective Feminine values of networking, collaboration, synergy and influence for better balance in business.

In an increasingly flat-lined, matrix-managed world expertise is no longer enough – we must also be compelling influencers and advisors.

In the future AI (artificial intelligence) will provide the expertise to get the job done but the ability of skilled human influencers to provide empathy, engagement and care to lead, to advise and to inspire will become a much sought after skill-set.

Outside of all that he has had many diverse experiences and interests, starting his professional life as an engineer and merchant navy officer, working (briefly) as a professional bodyguard and marketing and selling high-value IT systems and software to the professional and corporate market.

Today his interests range from family, travel, photography and film, reading (especially Roman and Viking era historical fiction), martial arts, fitness and horse riding – to more esoteric interests such as psychology, hypnosis, spirituality and the vast unknown of human potential.

Conference Speeches Include: Embracing the Feminine, Stop Hesitating Start Networking and the 7 Pillars of Influence.

Workshops: The High Trust Presenter | The High Trust Networker | The High Trust Advisor (Business Development) and The High Trust Leadership Program. My workshops are delivered internationally by MGI Learning based in London, Dubai and Sydney.

Sean loves to have coffees too so feel free to reach out to him here or on Linkedin where we can arrange one in person or over the phone!

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