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About Sean Weafer

Hi and thanks for stopping by. The best way to describe myself is that I am an international Coach and Speaker on Networking & Presentation Skills, Influential Leadership, Business Development and Managing Change at (such as returning to) Work

I can help if you are an expert at what you do but you now really need to:

1. Develop the focus, confidence and cutting-edge influencing skills to win even more business from existing and new clients? OR

2. Learn to successfully build influence with your team & your key business stakeholders  through networking,  presenting & public speaking or meeting management skills – and through building a strong professional brand? OR

3. Develop the focus, motivation, confidence, resilience and accountability to push through during times of change or when returning to work or career after an absence?

I provide group and individual coaching solutions & workshops to help expert business men and women become highly trusted influencers:

1. Individual tailored coaching for presentation skills, networking, business development, brand building and the focus, confidence, motivation and resilience required when returning to work.

2. The 2Degree Club – a monthly referral networking, presentation and business development action group for business owners, managers and leaders.

3. The High Trust Advisor Program: How Experts and Professionals Win Clients (For Professional Advisors, Business Development and Sales Teams)

4. The High Trust Leader Program: How Experts and Leaders Lead With Influence. (For Managers and Leaders)

My clients have included firms such as BT (UK), the ACCA (IRL/UK), Grant Thornton, MHC and VHI.

My books include ‘The High Trust Advisor’ (2013 Amazon.com), ‘The High Trust Networker’ and ‘The Business Coaching Revolution’ (Blackhall Press 2001) and coming soon ‘Invoking the Feminine – Restoring the Balance’ (2018).

I am an engineer by profession, with a background in analytical hypnotherapy/psychotherapy and a Founder Member of the Association for Coaching in the UK.

Outside of all that I have had many diverse experiences and interests – starting life as an engineer and merchant navy officer, to being a professional bodyguard, to marketing IT systems and software.

Today my interests range from my family, travel, photography and film, yoga, fitness, horse riding and martial arts – to more esoteric interests such as psychotherapy and hypnosis as well as spirituality and the vast unknown of human potential.

I also have a passionate interest in bringing more Feminine energies into the world of business (collaboration, networking, empathy, nurture) to balance out the increasingly unbalanced Masculine energies and find new solutions to old problems. Therefore I work increasingly with professional women and men who recognize that we need to change leadership styles to bring in a new era of business, prosperity and global transformation.

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