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Coaching for Experts and Professionals

I help experts and professionals become ‘High Trust’ influencers, advisors and leaders. An engineer by background myself, I understand the importance of professional expertise. But in today’s world of business – we also have to have expertise in influence – to create the kind of highly trusted relationships that consistently win new business and lead teams successfully.

I provide support in two areas: Business Development and Leadership Influence Coaching.

Bringing 4 key elements that can help you. 1. Clarity: as to your objectives and motivations 2. Structure: a unique system for measuring your progress 3. Accountability: to ensure you stay on track and 4. Skills: adding cutting-edge business influencing skills to your leadership or business development tool box – I can help transform you into a compelling leader and client winner.

My coaching is delivered in person or by telephone or Skype to anywhere in the world so why not talk to me directly? Just click on the link below to reserve your free personal 30-minute session with me if you are ready to change.

Coaching for Professionals

Successfully win new clients and lead high performing teams and boards by positively influencing your peers and key internal stakeholders – my ‘coaching for professionals’ program helps you to deliver every time.

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What Clients Say

“In working with Sean one gets a sense of accomplishment and clarity that in my opinion puts him at the very top of an area which is often misrepresented. Sean’s approach is explicit, action driven, and most of tailored to the challenges of the leader or organisation. His methodology is the most succinct and complete I’ve seen and I credit him with being the catalyst of positive change for me in the time I have worked with him.”

Paul Prior

Director, Strategist & Innovator, Vision Consulting

“Sean was the catalyst behind my professional development as a speaker and business woman. Sean worked with me to develop my confidence and it was Sean who unleashed the brand provocateur within me. A true genius and inspiring gentlemen.


Gabrielle Imerson

Freelance Consultant

“I have worked with Sean on mentoring and management development programs. I have engaged him for projects in Ireland, UK and the Middle East. Sean has consistently delivered outstanding results from the individuals and teams he has worked with. His dynamic, creative approach has been hugely popular and typically I have line managers and executives delighted with the results achieved. Sean understands business and knows how to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve their goals. I am delighted to recommend Sean and the services he provides.

Gerry Cleary

Senior HR Director, Websense International

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