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High Performance, Results-Focused Coaching for Personal Brand Building, Leadership Influence and Executive Presence.

As a professional who is an emerging or existing leader looking to unlock more of your potential and that of your role while making a real impact on the board or your team or with clients – there are some key areas that Sean’s G2S coaching program can help you to address.

  • Leadership Communications and Influencing Skills.
  • Professional Focus and Confidence.
  • Winning Engagements with Clients.
  • Effective Networking for Key Stakeholder Access.
  • Public Speaking, Presentation and Delivery.
  • Creating and Managing a Personal Brand.
  • Managing and Coping with Change.
  • Projecting a Strong Executive Presence.

To find out how Sean’s coaching can help you to grow your success and maximise your influence and impact with your clients, colleagues and key stakeholders just reserve an initial your personal online confidential ‘no fee’ 30-minute session to quickly identify the objectives to accelerate your performance and impact in the short to medium term.

At the end of this session, you’ll have clear performance and success objectives from which we co-create a program tailored for you to meet (and measure) those objectives. Whatever your goals, this program provides you with the clarity, structure, skills, direct feedback and the personal accountability to ensure you build your performance, presence and business impact every time.

Program Delivery: 6 months – Unlimited coaching access (personal, phone and/or Zoom) with minimum of 12 individual one-hour sessions over 6 months. Fee: €4950 paid in full in advance or €950 per month for 6 months.

This includes: 1. Unlimited access to your coach 2. A personal coaching system and 3. A year’s unlimited access to online learning resources for all the skills you will ever require for networking, presentations skills, personal brand building and influential leadership.

Your Coach:  Sean Weafer is a leader in the field of influence and high performance coaching and an international conference speaker. He is the author of ‘The Business Coaching Revolution’ (2001), ‘The High Trust Advisor’ (2014) and ‘Invoking the Feminine’ (2019). He is a Founder Member of the Association for Coaching, creator of the G2S Coaching™ model and has a mission to ensure both business and society embraces more Reflexive Feminine energies and so coaches women executives and leaders around influence, personal brand and executive presence to help bring greater balance to organisations and society.

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Personalised Coaching

Looking for a coach with the unique expertise, experience, resources and network to help you become a more influential and co-creative business developer or leader? Want to be challenged and motivated? If you are ready to make change, call now.

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Register for a ‘no fee’ coaching chemistry session with me now. This phone or online session will immediately help you to clarify your challenges and ‘power up’ your leadership or client success. Click to register now.

What Clients Say

“In working with Sean one gets a sense of accomplishment and clarity that in my opinion puts him at the very top of an area which is often misrepresented. Sean’s approach is explicit, action driven, and most of tailored to the challenges of the leader or organisation. His methodology is the most succinct and complete I’ve seen and I credit him with being the catalyst of positive change for me in the time I have worked with him.” Paul Prior

Director, Strategist & Innovator, Vision Consulting

“Sean was the catalyst behind my professional development as a speaker and business woman. Sean worked with me to develop my confidence and it was Sean who unleashed the brand provocateur within me. A true genius and inspiring gentlemen.

  Gabrielle Imerson

Freelance Consultant

“I have worked with Sean on mentoring and management development programs. I have engaged him for projects in Ireland, UK and the Middle East. Sean has consistently delivered outstanding results from the individuals and teams he has worked with. His dynamic, creative approach has been hugely popular and typically I have line managers and executives delighted with the results achieved. Sean understands business and knows how to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve their goals. I am delighted to recommend Sean and the services he provides. Gerry Cleary

Senior HR Director, Websense International

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