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Most people automatically connect networking with selling and pitching your service or product. Why? Why do we suddenly feel that when we walk into a room full of people we must turn into a high-pressure promoter of everything that we do?

Here’s a secret – nobody cares! Everyone is there at that event for reasons other than being a target of your sales pitch. So why bother?

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The very last thing you want to do when you enter the networking room is to try to ‘sell’ or ‘pitch’ your ‘stuff’. One reason for this is that I’m pretty sure that what you have to offer is probably of real and actual value to the right person. Therefore don’t you think that you need a lot more than a hasty three minutes of ‘pitching your stall’ to a disinterested person?

So forget about the brochures and the presentation packs. Just bring yourself and your business cards.

The real secret to networking is that it’s never about trying to ‘sell or pitch’ so just let all that stress that you out on yourself go. Networking is really about creating an opportunity to meet the right person ‘after’ an event.

So don’t sell your ‘stuff’ – rather just pitch the idea of a coffee at some point after the event. No pressure. Just take the time to get to know a person, learn about them, qualify their needs and then suggest a coffee.

If they’ve come to ‘know like and trust’ you during the event, they’ll agree to a coffee. Then you have their time and attention and the space to position your value to an interested party.

Networking is about creating access – the most valuable thing you can get today. From access comes attention. From quality attention comes the opportunity to deliver a quality pitch.

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