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Be honest…have you ever attended numerous networking events and did so in the hope that ‘something’ might come out of it? If so, you are not alone in being disappointed.

How much time and/or expense have we all incurred to be in the right room, with the right people at the right time…only to leave the outcome to chance by not having a clear reason for why we were there in the first place?

Networking is like any business meeting – we must have a clear outcome or objective for being there. We have to get a return on our investment in time and money – otherwise why are we there?

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So what is the purpose and objective of networking then? There are number of reasons for networking. Here are a few worth considering.

  1. It’s a growth strategy – an effective means of growing new business and key stakeholder contacts. So just decide how many people you’d like to meet after the event.
  2. It’s a client-retention tool. Use the event to connect with and show an interest in the industry or profession of your existing clients.
  3. It’s a brand-building tool. Our brand is ‘what people say about us when we’re not in the room’. Get people to ‘know, like and trust’ you by not ‘selling’ in the room and gain access to the rooms that make a difference in your career or business.

The power in business today is wielded not by the people who have big job titles but by the people who have the most extensive networks and who can exercise the focused and very real ‘soft power’ of personal leverage – 21st century networkers.

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