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Crocodiles are clever creatures. They don’t go running all over the African plains to track down their meal of antelope. They leave that to stupid animals like lions.

No, crocodiles just chillax by the pool (or water hole) and wait until the antelopes (and other assorted meats) show up to the table and then they choose and dine at leisure.

OK it’s not a wonderful metaphor – I wouldn’t like you to think that networking is a game of predator and prey! However the fundamental principle remains – where is your water hole?

Where’s the best place to find your ideal networking contacts? Where do they gather – often for reasons other than being approached by networking ‘crocodiles’.

Many of us tend to just ‘show up ‘ at networking events with no real plan as to why we are there. Sometimes we’ve just been pressurised to ‘show our face’.

Picking the right room to be in – meaning being very clear what events you want to show at – is a professional necessity that delivers significant value.

While we may meet some contacts at a general networking events, by specifically picking niched events, we can be clear about who is in the room, what their challenges are likely to be, how we can position ourselves as being able to help with those challenges before we attend an event – and significantly increase our success ratio – and the ratio of valuable contacts and potential referrers that are in that room.

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Reflect carefully on where you attend. What are your niches? Who are interested in meeting? Have you existing or mutual contacts? Are you networking to meet a particular professional or business type or executive?

Then find out their associations, clubs, chambers – and all the events that naturally ‘bring them to the water hole’ – where you’ll be waiting to greet them!

Niche your networking – and see your results rise and for more ideas on networking skills and much more check out The High Trust Advisor on Amazon.com.