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Sean Weafer

  • Building High Trust in Business: Culture, Leadership, Sales and Coaching. 
  • Helping transform executives into highly trusted influencers.
  • Global executive, personal and sales coach, professional speaker, author and trainer.
  • Mentor and teacher to those wonderful people who want to create their own destiny by launching their own practice in executive and personal coaching success.

I help transform people into highly trusted and confident influencers in business and professional coaches and mentors in leadership, sales and of teams and culture.

I do this through my unique G2S coaching system, my event speaking and my content-rich and practical blended-learning programs on High Trust leadership influence, coaching and mentoring, culture and sales influence. I am also a Marshall Goldsmith certified leadership coach and have been a coach, conference speaker and workshop leader in the field of trust, influence and communications for over 25 years.

I help managers transform their leadership style from ‘command and control’ to one of ‘collaboration and service’ and maximise the potential of their teams, break down company silos and enhance engagement, inclusion and performance – while growing their professional brand, confidence and mastering time management, speaking and presenting skills, networking, influencing and empowering others through coaching and mentoring.

I also work closely with Heads of Sales, professionals and business owners to coach them and their teams to become High Trust Advisors and masters of ethical sales influence, gain more high margin clients and drive greater revenue success – by boosting their motivation, focus, skills and the quality of their business messages, networking, prospecting, rapport-building, pitching and closing skills.

In an increasingly flat-lined, matrix-managed and AI-ruled world, authority based on our expertise is no longer enough – we must now balance it by being highly trusted influencers, leaders and advisors – and at the core of this is the ability to recognise and balance Feminine values with traditional Masculine values.

I am a Founder Member of the Association for Coaching and the creator of the G2S Coaching™ system and have a diverse background as an engineer, a merchant navy officer, sales professional and leader, philosopher, entrepreneur, analytical hypnotherapist, NLP Master and psychotherapist.

I have written and published three books and several ebooks including ‘The Business Coaching Revolution’ (2001), ‘The High Trust Advisor’ (2014) and most recently ‘Invoking the Feminine: Strength, Love and Wisdom’ (2019).

Apart from working with me directly, my High Trust leadership coaching, culture, leadership and sales training workshops are delivered internationally through my IP licensing to www.MGILearning.com

Married to my wonderful Sharon with two boys, Nick and Greg (and Kai the dog) I live in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Today my interests range from family, travel, photography and film, reading (especially Roman and Viking era historical fiction), fitness, martial arts, yoga and horse riding – to far more esoteric interests such as hypnosis, energy healing, esoteric spirituality and the vast unknown of human potential.

I LOVE to have ‘hot coffees rather than cold calls’ (and sometimes something stronger too) so feel free to reach out to me here.

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