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Traditional selling is dead. The Age of the Advisor has come.

The internet has changed business development forever. Now that the internet has given clients the power and the knowledge – they don’t need us to bring them ‘the message’ or information anymore. Now they want us to explain it, interpret it, help them apply it and make it valuable to them.

In this new world just being professional isn’t enough – we have to be even more personable than ever before. Even trust is not enough. Now we must be able to create compelling ‘high trust’ relationships so that they see us as the very first person they call when they have a need.

Today everyone is expected to be professionally competent – so relying on ‘technical intelligence’ isn’t enough anymore. Now the advantage is in how well you can use social and emotional intelligence to attract, engage and retain your clients over the long term
In this book are the keys to creating long-term profitable client relationships. From scripting compelling business messages, to the secrets of attracting clients through networking, to building powerful levels of trust, persuasion and influence this book is your competitive advantage.